The Beem Developer Challenge.

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Show us your skills and win up to Tsh 3.5 Million

The Challenge

Showcase your skills and expertise.

Developers love APIs. Beem has been at the forefront of bringing new API driven services for software developers, startups and technology companies to supercharge and scale their apps.

Beem now brings you a Developer challenge to show us what you can do with our APIs. Are you ready for the challenge?

Certified Been Developer Champion
Phased development

How does it work?

Here’s what you need to do…


1. Register as an individual or as a Team

2. On the Kickoff on July 14th, you will be emailed the theme and requirements for the challenge including judging criteria.

3. You will have 3.5 days to build your solution. You can build your solution in any programming language of your choice.

4. Submit your code repository before the deadline 17th of July 2:00 P.M (GMT+3) on the email address provided during kickoff.

5. Present your solution to the judges either virtually or in person at the finale.
Once the presentations and submissions have been completed, the judges will review all the submissions, deliberate based on the criteria and the winners will be announced.
Use two-way SMS for appointments

Competition Timeline

Important Dates
The Beemathon Dev Challenge will take place from the 14th to the 17th of July 2021 in a series of blended online and in-person events.

June 21st 2021
Participant registration opens.

July 11th 2021
Participant registration closes.

July 14th 2021
Challenge unveiled and coding begins.

July 17th 2021
Participants present their solutions.
The challenge winners are announced.

Beemathon Awards

Competition Prizes

Winner’s awards.
1st Place: Tsh 1,000,000 + Tsh 1,000,000 in Beem API credits
2nd Place: Tsh 500,000 + Tsh 500,000 in Beem API credits
3rd Place: Tsh 250,000 + Tsh 250,000 in Beem API credits

Winners will also get the opportunity to collaborate with
Beem to refine and promote their solution to Beem customers.

All Participants: Certificate of Participation & Certification as a Beem Dev Champion, Beem Swag.

Customer registration using USSD from Beem

The Judges

A group of industry peers.
Beemathon Judge Belinda Ware

Belinda Wera

Belinda is a people, technology, and service enthusiast. Her mission is to uplift and serve people, organizations, and communities. She has a Master’s in Business Administration among other certifications. Belinda has experience in Public Relations and Marketing, Customer Experience, Capacity Building, Digital & Automation.
Beemathon Judge Clemence Kyara

Clemence Kyara

Kilemensi (Clemence Kyara) is the Tech Lead at Code for Africa, and an open source contributor, working on products and services that empower end users by making code do the heavy lifting; from the mundance to the worthwhile. He also dabbles in engineering leadership and philosophy of life.
Beemathon Judge Yesaya Athuman

Yesaya Athuman

Yesaya is a Software Developer with a strong opinion on Software development best practices and using proved framework like Prince 2 and Agile to manage projects. He worked on a number of projects for both private and public institutions. He has experience in software integrations and ability to build and consume different APIs for different projects.

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