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Beem Nominated for East Africa Com Awards

Beem is honored to be shortlisted in the East Africa Com Awards finalists for Connectivity Champion. This award celebrates the telecommunication providers and services going above-and-beyond to ensure connectivity across Africa. East Africa Com has spent 18 years...

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International Women’s Day 2021

This year for International Women's Day, Beem partnered with Atsoko, a cosmetics company in Tanzania and Mariam Ndaba, and Event Coordinator at President's Office and renown lifestyle blogger. This union had one goal; to empower 10 women on women's day. Collectively...

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Is SMS communication a major trend in 2021?

Five years ago, reports were popping up everywhere that SMS marketing was on the decline and would soon meet its end. However, not only did the presence of SMS in the marketing world grow to an astonishing $56 billion in 2017. SMS communication has remained very resilient because it comes pre installed on every mobile device and since every phone has it, it is an opt out rather than an opt in system.

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We are rebranding

When Bongo Live started in 2010, the goal was to empower business through technology. We are proud to say that 10 years later, we are still dedicated to this. So why are we rebranding? Our current name, Bongo Live is reminiscent of the favourite music of Tanzania, the...

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Leveraging on SMS to Reach Millenials

Millenials also known as generation Y or the net generation were born in the digital age. To them, the digital revolution does not represent disruption. It represents the norm and, to a significant degree, their generation’s opportunity. As Millennials develop more...

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