Across Africa, over half a billion people are mobile phone subscribers. This subscribers span from different countries, speak different languages, have different cultures and currencies but all have one thing in common. They all place a high value on Mobile Airtime. Due to its high value by users, sending out mobile airtime has become the most powerful way to reward and incentivize customers. In a country like Tanzania, where companies are struggling to achieve their business goals, whether it be to introduce and market a new product, acquire more customers or run a product satisfaction survey, offering mobile airtime rewards can be influential in achieving all these goals. Why is offering Mobile Airtime the perfect solution?
  1. Mobile Airtime rewards can be received almost instantly when sent to a customer
  2. Once sent and received, the airtime is available to use immediately to make calls, send SMS or browse the internet
  3. Its high value among mobile users: anyone with a mobile phone can use the airtime
How Businesses Can Leverage Mobile Airtime
  1. Incentivize Employee Performance and Productivity
Companies can leverage airtime and send micro-payments or offer small bonuses to employees and staff in various occasions such as after completing a task. With our airtime solution, you can seamlessly and securely disburse airtime in bulk in small or large increments for over 40+ networks across Africa.
  1. Increase Sales, Retain Customers and Building Loyalty
Offering airtime as incentives can be very influential in driving customers for first time and repeat use. When introducing a new product or service, businesses can offer airtime to first hundred buyers and users. Companies offering services like TV streaming can send out airtime rewards to customers who stay connected with them for a given period of time. Retailers can also offer airtime bonuses to frequent shoppers at their stores keeping them coming back.
  1. Gather Customer Insight Through Surveys and Polls
As a way to drive up survey response rates, companies can choose to offer participants some airtime which can be send to their mobile phones instantly after taking part in the survey or poll. Sending out small amounts of airtime can encourage users to respond to market research surveys or take part in product or service satisfaction surveys and polls.
  1. Increase Engagement In Marketing Campaigns
Airtime rewards can be a great incentive for consumers to take part in an activity. Companies can use it to run mass market advertising campaigns to promote their content. For example, a soft drink company may run a campaign introducing a new flavor of drink. To promote the drink, they can task consumers to buy the drink and then share keywords or short code numbers put on the bottle and in return get free airtime instantly.  Another way could be asking consumers to share brand messages with friends and family in return for airtime rewards.
  1. Customer Compensation and Refund
In cases of customer dissatisfaction with a product or service, companies can take advantage of mobile airtime rewards and offer consumers free airtime as compensation for e.g. delivery of a wrong package or late delivery. To Sum Up Mobile Airtime rewards provides a variety of opportunities companies and businesses can leverage to scale their business and add value to their consumers. With our airtime solution, you can send airtime rewards in bulk instantly without hassle and keep customers coming back. Through our mobile airtime solution, you will be able to deliver real-time airtime to your customers and help them stay connected. Try out our easy-to-use Beem Airtime API and instantly send airtime credits directly to any number on supported networks in Tanzania and across Africa.