Holidays are some of the busiest events of the year for retailers. As a retailer, a holiday is your chance to make up for lost revenue and to grow your customer base. Bulk SMS is a great way to let shoppers know about your deals and promotions directly on their mobile phones.

As the Christmas Holidays approach and you look for ways to engage your customers, here are 5 ways you can use Bulk SMS to get noticed and experience successful holiday Sales.

1. Give a Discount on your products.  You can be sure most of your customers are waiting for holiday sales. You can use our bulk SMS platform to send discount offers that will encourage future engagement so that the benefits continue into the next year.

2. Send a promo code. With our cheap bulk SMS service, you can send promo codes to reward loyal customers.

3. Order confirmation: You can send bulk SMS to your customers to confirm an order soon after it’s been placed.

4. Updates: When customers’ order is being shipped, bulk SMS is a great way to let them know.

6. Customer retention: Also, use SMS for customer retention and reactivation, especially for products they purchase regularly.