Looking to collect payments for digital services, consumer or B2B purchases instantly and in real-time? Are you launching a product and would like to reduce time to market, get complete visibility, and track all transactions?

Dedicated support; our dedicated support team is available on multiple communication channels(Email, Skype, WhatsApp, Voice) for 12 hours a day to provide support for your integration. Reach out to our support team for any queries and bugs that need to be addressed so you can focus on your own software.

Quick to market; with our Bpay API, you have the opportunity to be quick to launch your product into the market. The procedures for setting it up are straightforward and your account could be set up within 7 to 10 days. Our simulator and extensive documentation will also help you get integrated in no time. 

Secure by design: our goal is to provide you with the most secured payment option. With our BPay API, funds pass directly from the customer’s mobile wallet or account directly into your bank account without passing through an intermediary. Some other features include domain whitelisting, authentication parameters, SSL certificates, and more.

Improved customer user experience; our payments product allows you to bring digital transformation to your business meet customer’s needs in a secure, agile, and future-proof method. Such transformation is crucial especially for a business to ensure retention of customers and advocates continuous use of your service

Real time transaction notifications and reports; get real-time transaction notifications as payments and orders are completed. Detailed reports are crucial to analyze business growth and customer complaints. Our aggregate and detailed transaction reports give you access to all the insights you require. 

Self service dashboard; our detailed dashboard gives you a clear overview of your usage. You are able to track all your transactions, gain valuable insights into customer behavior and use data to optimize your internal processes and improve your product.

To learn more about the Bpay API and how to get started feel free to get in touch with us at +255 6587457652 or email us at sales@beem.africa