We were honoured to attend the Virtual Seamless Southern Africa Conference in August, the first fully digital payments event. The virtual event took place in two days where we got insights from banking, payments and commerce leaders across a series of live presentations, panel discussions and round tables. One of our team members, Anna, attended the virtual event and shared her experience with us. Read her story below. The anticipation of a conference is always exciting. Flights are booked, speakers are researched and a full itinerary is prepared. Unfortunately, the global pandemic Covid-19 hit us hard. Conferences as we know them became a thing of the past. Borders and airports became places where people avoided. It was quite impressive how committed the Seamless South African Conference team was in preparing for the most exciting event in the world of payments, banking and fintech. Two days of attendance at the Seamless Southern Africa Conference proved that the good old days of actually seeing a person face to face and discussing relevant or not so relevant business ideas was gone. All in all, it was a new and exciting experience. It was especially interesting to learn how Beem can leverage on Mobile Payments and so much more. It was a good two days of research and we learnt that there are so many companies that have different financial products and the future of banking and mobile payments is vast. However, I realized that I miss in-person conferences because nothing beats the bustling of people moving from a section of the hall to another and physical interactions.