The holiday season is one of the most active times of the year for most consumers. It’s also an ideal time for businesses to think of holiday themed campaigns that will drive customers to their business. This is not a matter of businesses coming up with a great Christmas ad that outdoes a competitor, but rather getting the brand into the minds of customers at the right time which is more crucial for driving sales throughout the season. So what’s a better way to reach shoppers and boost sales this holiday season? SMS Messaging may be the answer. SMS is a perfect reliable option for businesses and the reality is that it gets the job done. SMS marketing is an effective way to notify consumers and clients about sales, deals and other special promotions via SMS. It offers businesses the opportunity to communicate with their target market, promote their brand and what their business has to offer and increase sales. We’re all aware that people usually plan to spend more money this time of the year and it is therefore vital not to miss out on this great opportunity. SMS offers a lot of different opportunities for different industries, from retailers, restaurant and hotels. There is no limit to how you can use SMS marketing to win both new and existing customers over and increase seasonal sales. See below examples of ways your business can use SMS Marketing to get ahead of the game during the holiday season.
  1. Send Out Seasonal Holiday Greetings
During the holiday season, customers should be the main focus. Sending out bulk SMS to all of your customers wishing them a happy holiday season exhibits a very personal touch that will make your customers feel appreciated and stay with you for the long run.
  1. Send Product Discount and Promotion SMS
Customers love hearing about holiday offers and promotions. To achieve a desired market response from the public, follow the celebratory trends of the holidays which see the advertised product presented in the form of offers, specials, or alerts. Create a sense of urgency by sending out limited time offers SMS or flash sales SMS which will bring in lots of customers who are pivotal factors in increasing business revenue.
  1. Send Clearance Sales SMS Alerts
Notify customers of early bird sales on goods available in stock. A simple SMS announcing the type and dates of sale can help to direct more customers to your store or website when they otherwise may have missed it from not checking their emails, on TV and radio, on social media or browsing your website recently.
  1. Send Holiday Special Offers
With special offers, you can grow your network during the holiday season by creating an engaging call to action that rewards new customers with one of your products or services. Promote offers such as deal of the week, buy one get one free or a free gift with a purchase over a certain value. The special offers can be summed up in a short SMS providing a code to enter or subscribe to and claim your offer or present at the cash register.
  1. Loyalty Programs SMS
There is no better time for businesses to give back to their loyal customers than during the holiday season. You can reward them for being a loyal customer or subscriber by offering bonus points to entice them to spend on what you have to offer rather than competitors. Customers like to feel that their loyalty is being recognized and rewarded and that SMS reward might just do the trick.
  1. New Stock Availability SMS Alerts
Inform regular customers when you have new seasonal or gift items due to come in or has been restocked in stores. A simple example would be: ‘’Christmas 2019 His & Hers gift range arriving 1st December. Get up to 20% if you purchase within the next 2 weeks’’ which will for sure tap into those who like to be first to have the latest items.
  1. Send Invitations to in-store events
Don’t concentrate more on your product or services and forget about your physical store. You can use SMS to send exclusive in-store events to drive traffic to your business physical locations. In return, you can offer a discount to purchases made during the event. E-commerce sites can also implement similar strategies during the online checkout process while service companies can provide additional offers in return for asking customers to sign up. Here at Beem, we are avid about helping businesses of every shape and size succeed all year round with our competitively priced messaging solutions. With our easy sign-up and exceptional customer support, you can be ready to get your holiday SMS marketing campaign underway in no time. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you to grow.