A guide to grouping your contacts for SMS marketing

by | Apr 21, 2021

For you to make the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns, it is very important to group or segment your contact list. Customers don’t like irrelevant messages on their phone. Businesses that fail to segment their contacts risk a very high opt out rate from their customers for sending too many messages that they are not interested in.

Segmenting your customer list will allow you to send custom messages to each group of people. This way you can send them relevant messages whenever you send a marketing campaign.  You can also create customized content for each group of customers tailored just for them.

Selecting how to group your customers highly depends on how your business is run, the products or services you sell and why your customers purchase them. You can also group your customers by their geographic location, demographics, and behavior.


Geographic Segmentation

Geographic location makes it possible to send offers and product launches exclusively to customers in a specific location. It could be an event or a store offer with your customers grouped by location you can restrict the list of recipients to the actual communication target. Here is an example:

Segmentation by Demographics

You can group your customers based on demographics under smaller categories such as age, gender,  and lifestyle. Instead of reaching an entire list of contacts, your business can use this method to focus resources while running SMS marketing campaigns into a defined group within the database.

Gender: The gender difference is the main distinction when segmenting by demographics. Each gender has specific needs and desires. Here is an example of a message sent by gender to women:

Get 15% on all weaves and wigs in our store this weekend only!

Segmentation by Behavior

Your business can segment its database for age groups. Generations have significant differences with different backgrounds and mentality.  Generation Z was born into technology and the digital world; the Millennials have an agitated, restless temperament; the Baby Boomers are inevitably prone to nostalgia. Consider an SMS  marketing campaign message such as the following:

Are you ready? Our Instagram giveaway has started. You stand a chance to win 2 tickets to our gaming arcade. 

This message would most likely attract members of generation z or millennials.


It is difficult to segment contacts by lifestyle because it forces businesses to profile their customers. One way a business can do this is by creating questionnaires for customers about their interests and preferences.  Here’s an example:

Hi Omar, we’d like to get to know you better to send you offers in line with your preferences. Complete this questionnaire for a 15% discount bit.ly/questions4u

Segmentation by Behavior

Knowing your customers purchasing behavior, purchase history or spending on your business makes it easy to streamline the flow of SMS marketing campaigns and reach each customer with customized, relevant information.

This enables businesses to engage with customers by giving relevant offers and incentives if they have not purchased in a long time. It can also be used to incentivize loyal customers to make more purchases. Here’s an example of an SMS to a segment grouped by behavior. 

Hello Adrian, it’s already been a month since your last purchase. We are giving you a 25% discount on your next purchase.

Segmenting your database of prospects and customers is definitely worth your time. Your SMS marketing campaigns will target the right people returning a good return on investment. Offering your customers relevant information that is useful to them will result in better sales, more revenue, and profit for your business.

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