Is it possible to pay people for a few minutes of their undivided attention, rather than trying to compete for their attention via more expensive means such as billboards, TV ads, and radio? The answer is Yes.  Bongo Live has made it possible to give customers rewards and incentives to customers to get their attention. Instead of investing in expensive traditional media or labor-intensive marketing, enterprises can transfer airtime directly to their target audience as a reward or incentive. Globally, billions of people own or have access to a mobile phone. People purchase top-ups not only for themselves but for their loved ones and friends too and for the majority of these people, the mobile phone is their major means of communication from entertainment to paying bills.  This makes airtime a very powerful reward currency. One of the things that keep all the activities on mobile phones going is Airtime and it’s not surprising that users value enterprises that reward them with airtime more.

How Mobile Incentives can be used by Marketers and Agencies

Customer Acquisition: Enterprises are using Airtime to entice downloads, acquire new users, and get referrals with airtime. Using airtime incentives for promotions is an appropriate and powerful approach for customer acquisition or to reward customer loyalty, encouraging customers to try the product or service.https://www.bongolive.co.tz/incentive-marketing-exploring-the-value-of-mobile-airtime-to-businesses/

Customer Conversion: Airtime is efficient in small amounts, a significant incentive for increasing purchases and subscriptions.

Customer Loyalty: Rewarding customers with mobile airtime is a powerful and cost-effective strategy to drive brand loyalty and customer growth and retention for marketers and agencies.

Airtime is a digital inventory, very little effort is required to manage stock, and administering top-ups or incentives is so easy, all that is required is a mobile phone number.  It is clear that in many instances airtime will continue to be used for rewards and incentives where other alternatives have failed. The speed at which mobile phones have penetrated across the globe and the depth to which they have become embedded in the lives of most people has made airtime a valuable digital commodity. Marketers and agencies should optimize this in planning campaigns to use airtime as an incentive. Find out more about how airtime works HERE.