Announcing our New Paystack Integration

by | Dec 5, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve integrated Paystack into our app. With this combined, Beem’s business communication strength, and Paystack’s payment capabilities, we have enabled chat payments on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & other Chat channels.

 Beem’s Moja platform is an all-in-one communication platform combining the power of all your social channels in one inbox. Moja provides one clear view of all your customer’s inquiries from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Google & SMS to supercharge sales and support conversations.

Paystack’s payment links integration has been pre-embedded into Moja. Customers with an existing Paystack account can connect it to their Beem Moja account. This is available across all of Paystack’s markets.

Consumers are moving to chat channels such as WhatsApp in droves, and businesses must be present on these channels and deliver a unique experience. With Beem’s new chat payments, customers receive a unique payment link directly within the conversation and checkout seamlessly. Closing customer sales on chat is smoother, with less friction and fewer chances of customers abandoning the cart.

Try Moja today and start accepting payments on chat. Visit beem.africa/moja

About Paystack

Paystack is a technology company powering growth for incredible businesses in Africa. Over 60,000 organizations of all sizes – from startups to government agencies – use the company’s software to securely collect online and offline payments and provide a modern, delightful payment experience. Paystack accelerates growth for Africa’s best companies, helping them launch new business models and deepen customer relationships. Over the long term, Paystack aims to ensure that all African businesses can go toe to toe with the best companies on the planet and win.

About Beem

Beem is a Pan-African cloud communications platform that enables businesses to build meaningful customer relationships across any channel – SMS, USSD, Airtime, Payments, and Chat. Beem has a presence across 25+ markets, works with 60+ mobile network providers, and serves 6500+ customers. Businesses leverage our communication infrastructure through the BeemAPIs or our customer engagement platform BeemEngage. Our latest BeemMoja product delivers an omnichannel contact center for advanced customer engagement and support, combining all your social inboxes WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Google & SMS in one place.

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