Superfluid Labs and Beem partner to deliver Data-Driven Marketing & Communications for Businesses Across Africa

Marketing communication remains foremost for business growth across multiple industries, especially for B2C companies. With the global growth in data and advancement in artificial intelligence, it is now possible to increase the precision of  marketing campaigns  with data-driven intelligence and drive value for business growth.

Superfluid Labs, a pioneering data analytics and artificial intelligence company, and Beem, a leading Pan-African cloud communications provider with the largest mobile network reach in Africa have partnered to empower businesses with data-driven marketing campaigns to accurately and reliably deliver communications to customers across multiple mobile channels.

Data-driven Segmentation, Customer Retention and Credit Risk Scoring 

When dealing with thousands or millions of customer records, the ability to effectively and efficiently segment and score customers based on various attributes for retention  becomes a lot more difficult for fast-growing businesses. 

 The Superfluid Enterprise Intelligence Platform provides powerful customer retention and segmentation capabilities from business data which enables valuable communications. Beem has an omni-channel platform, BeemEngage that allows businesses across Africa to engage with customers across SMS, USSD and WhatsApp in addition to BeemAPIs for in-app integrations.

Together, the partnership will deliver multiple benefits to the market including:

  • Delivery of More Personalized Services and Products 
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Churn or Dormant Account Reduction
  • Improved Cross-Selling and Upselling
  • Consumer Scoring 
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Transactions 

 For businesses looking to rapidly scale across markets whilst increasing customer retention, data-driven communication and engagement will unlock great possibilities for growth. New advantages offered by AfCFTA also present opportunities for delivering services to millions of consumers on the continent through the power of AI-powered digital solutions and communication.

About Superfluid Labs

Superfluid Labs, the best Data Analytics and Credit Risk Scoring company at the African Tech Summit 2020 provides data-driven credit risk scoring, customer analytics and segmentation, and business intelligence solutions for businesses in Africa. The company delivers over 200 standard insights and 100 predictive models for B2C businesses in the Financial Services, Clean Energy, Technology, Agriculture, and Retail/Commerce business verticals. At Superfluid Labs, we believe in the power of data and artificial intelligence (AI) for unlocking profitable growth. 

About Beem

Beem provides an integrated communications and financial services platform with the largest mobile network reach in Africa, empowering businesses to scale quickly and effectively throughout the African continent. 

To drive commercial growth for our customers, Beem offers advanced SMS messaging, USSD, Airtime, Chatbot, Mobile Money & Airtime solutions through easy-to-integrate Beem APIs as well as a self-service platform, Beem Engage. At Beem, we envision an Africa powered by enterprises, empowered through technology. We believe mobile technology will help companies drive growth and commerce in Africa well into the coming decades.

To learn more about this service, connect with us at business-team@superfluid.io or contact@beem.africa  

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