Pan-African Mobile Technology Company Bongo Live! Rebrands to Beem

by | Jan 14, 2021


Beem, one of Africa’s largest enterprise communication providers, has rebranded from the name Bongo Live!. Marking their 10 year anniversary, the company has changed its name to better serve their international audience, with a more aggressive expansion strategy and more aligned brand vision. The company offers a wide range of services, both on their self-service platform, Beem Reach, and through API’s, including advanced SMS Messaging, USSD, Airtime, Chatbot, Mobile Money Integration capabilities, and On-Boarding Tools, 

 The early years of the company were typical of first time ventures, with the team working diligently on product market fit and replicating their expansion strategy. Rather than raising external money, Taha Jiwaji, founder and CEO of Beem, believed in his product and customers, so he decided to bootstrap. Over the last five years, the company grew quickly, signing large clients such as Samsung, Nestle, and Qatar Airways. These corporate clients quickly became loyal, attracted by the growing company’s reliable products and attentive after-care service.

 “Beem’s services have enabled us to communicate with our customers across the globe instantly, reliably and with great support for some years. The Beem team is knowledgeable, honest and friendly. I would not hesitate in recommending them to other clients,” remarked Ralph Ligallama, Manager of Digital Channel Systems for CRDB Bank. 

 The brand’s original name was reminiscent of the favorite music of Tanzania, the country where the company was founded. With nearly a decade of empowering their clients to deliver amazing mobile experiences to their customers, they were no longer only a Tanzanian or even East African company. With their global footprint and mobile network connectivity in over 20 countries, they needed an identity that would be expansive as their growth. 

 The company chose the name Beem for its associations with light. For luminance, Beem facilitates access to millions across the African continent with their robust integrations and coverage. For speed, Beem’s products are reliable and fast, with less downtime than most other service providers. For reach, Beem’s connectivity makes it easier for clients to reach their customers anywhere. For ideas and innovation, Beem’s platform acts as an enabler for its clients and partners to scale with.

 “As our presence grew, our brand needed to as well. We have aggressive expansion plans to grow across Africa, and our new identity reflects that. I’m very excited to better serve our 3000+ customers on our platform. Beem will no longer just be a sms provider, but a truly omni-channel communication platform.” says Jiwaji. 

 About Beem

 At Beem, we envision an Africa powered by enterprises, empowered through technology. We believe mobile technology will help enterprises drive growth and commerce in Africa well into the coming decades. We have created an integrated communications & financial services platform with the largest mobile network operator reach in Africa, helping businesses drive their success quickly throughout the African continent. To drive commercial growth for our customers, we offer our advanced SMS messaging, USSD, Airtime, Chatbot, Mobile Money & Airtime solutions through easy-to-integrate Beem API’s as well as a self-service platform, Beem Engage.

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