Choose A Professional OTP SMS Service Provider For A Secure 2FA

by | Jan 5, 2022

In the modern day, where online application hacking and theft of private data, such as passwords and OTPs, occur often, 2FA gives an additional layer of security. Thus, one must be very careful while choosing their OTP SMS service provider. They ensure the protection of sensitive data. This article is all about the 2FAs, their purpose, and their advantages.
What is the significance of 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)?

OTP SMS services help to safeguard someone from unauthorized users trying to access their account or take over the management. Even if hackers try to access one’s account and find a password match, two-factor authentication sends an OTP verification message to the individual’s mobile device. Therefore, if a person does not log in when they receive this type of notification, they are instantly aware of a fraudulent login. Thus, one must always stick to renowned and reliable OTP SMS service providers.

OTP SMS Service Provider

What Is the Primary Purpose of OTP SMS Service?

A series of characters known as an OTP, or one-time password, is produced automatically to verify the transaction. The nature of OTPs is often numerical or alphanumeric. It has a concise shelf life, is unique, and is distinct for every single transaction. Despite being the most effective method for data transfer, organizations pick SMS as the preferred channel for providing OTPs. It is easy, quick to access, affordable, and trustworthy. It is thus recommended to send OTPs via SMS.

However, due to the widespread usage of mobile devices nowadays, an additional layer of security for all transactional procedures is provided by the one-time use that is delivered to the registered mobile number for each transaction. SMS OTPs are used by every platform and application, regardless of industry, to authenticate users’ devices. There are more goals as well:

  • Resetting Passwords – Reset any user’s password to thwart fraudulent organizations.
  • Account Reactivations – Users may request a new OTP authentication to reactivate their inactive accounts.
  • Connect with New Device – Users can ask for identity confirmation using SMS OTP if they log in from an original device, location, or IP address.
  • Confirmation of a Transaction-For pre-paid delivery, e-commerce enterprises need OTPS for verification.
  • Signing-up– By authenticating during the registration process, to prevent the usage of fraudulent IDs and users.

Advantages of OTP SMS Services for Businesses

The most efficient approach to user authentication has proven to be OTP SMS. People find it easy to authenticate or log in through one-time passwords. They find it seamless to receive text messages rather than on-call or email. OTP SMS service providers benefit not only individuals but also vast organizations.

  • Costly Delivery Rates – OTPs have a high delivery rate; users will receive them, albeit occasionally they may be delayed by a network issue or other technical issue. Nowadays, businesses may self-build SMS OTP verification systems with delivery receipts (DLRs) that confirm the SMS’ deliverability.
  • Economical – Due to the absence of infrastructure and hardware setup expenses, SMS OTP distribution techniques offer considerable cost reductions. Everything will be handled for users via a central system linked to the internet. Businesses may add this software to their cloud telephony services, making it simple to get all the information they need in one location.
  • Convenience – Due to the excessive number of internet accounts that consumers now have to maintain and manage, However, since users receive different codes each time, SMS OTP authentication reduces complications.
  • Minimal Waiting – The coolest thing about one-time passwords is that they do not keep us waiting too long when authenticating or doing other tasks. Probably less than ten seconds on average, the firms provide SMS.
  • Security – Due to the SMS OTPs’ temporary nature and lack of code reuse, a company can safeguard its clients against online misuse. The OTP will be sent to the person’s registered cellphone number, which makes it unlikely that it would be intercepted while traveling. To defend against replay attacks, mobile devices and emails both have unique built-in authentication mechanisms.

How Do You Know You Have Chosen the Right OTP SMS Service Provider?

A company application case like 2FA may not be appropriate for all the OTP SMS service providers available on the market. Keep the following factors in mind while selecting an SMS OTP verification service.

  • Delivery rates are high – Only timely delivery of messages will allow for successful verification. So, while selecting an OTP SMS service provider, find out if they have connections with all the main telecom companies and access to high-speed telecom channels.
  • Ensure system Uptime – The service must be able to automatically deliver SMSes every single day. For SMSes to be sent consistently, they also need to have a world-class uptime.
  • Usefulness – Integration is the key to efficient OTP verification. To guarantee service continuity, pick an SMS provider with reliable integration and API tools.
  • Customer support – As a high-volume continuing activity, you require a service provider who is accessible to respond to your inquiries and address your issues as soon as possible.


SMS is one of the often-used 2FA methods for OTP delivery. Numerous businesses might benefit from SMS OTPs authentication’s customer convenience, administrative ease, and cheap related costs. Speak with Beem Africa to find the finest OTP SMS service provider, while putting usability and security first, globally.

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