Communicating Through SMS During The Corona Crisis

by | Apr 20, 2020

In times of crisis such as the current corona virus pandemic, communicating thoroughly and effectively becomes very critical. The corona crisis has forced many business sectors and organizations to find alternative ways to communicate with employees, clients, partners, customers, suppliers etc and ensure they reach absolutely everyone.

Speed of delivery and accessibility of information are the essentials of any successful communication especially during a crisis as you want the information to be delivered immediately, be seen and acted upon as well. Sending SMS is perfect for such situations.

Why Communicate Through SMS

During critical situations it is particularly important to communicate clearly and quickly. This is not usually easy to achieve since one is unsure of what tool to use, for whom and at what time.

In a world dominated by smartphones, we are in daily contact with the outside world. Our mobile phones follow us everywhere and allows us to be contacted at any time.

Delivered in seconds and with an opening rate of 98% within the first 5 minutes of being received, SMS messages are the fastest and most reliable communication tool for mass crisis communication.

This proven and reliable messaging channel has the highest open rates in the shortest time after sending. Significantly higher compared to emails which have only 21% open rates on average. Almost everyone has a mobile phone and even without an adequate internet connection, bulk SMS can be used in remote areas.

How You Can Use SMS In Crisis Communication

SMS is one of the most advantageous channels in times of crisis. You can leverage it for both internal and external communication maintaining a close relationship with employees and people you do business with and ensure they get the right information from you at the right moment.

  1. Using SMS To Communicate Internally

Any crisis comes with chaos and it’s up to the leaders and managers in the top management to keep the employees in the loop on what is going on. Sharing information with your employees e.g. on the new ways of working during is very important in such a situation.

Different organizations, businesses and institutions can leverage SMS as a tool to send out updates as they evolve or urgent information for example, sending stay home notices, working from home guidelines and rules, sharing information protocols for future work or news on further lengthier communication that will arrive via other channels.

  1. Using SMS To Communicate Externally

With social distancing changing how people and businesses operate, it’s necessary to find new ways to communicate with your customers. Business sectors such as financial institutions, consumer goods suppliers, health care providers, government institutions, educational and religious institutions all have experienced some changes in their mode of operations. Communicating these changes is very vital and should be communicated in a timely manner to maintain the usefulness of the information to the customers. SMS comes to play this vital role as it is a more effective and reliable communication tool.

Your clients would love to know if, where, and when you’ll be able to deliver your service to them during a time of crisis. Which shops are open and at what times, what supplies have arrived, what will arrive and what interruptions may occur – these are just some of the critical pieces of information that help your clients trust you at a time of confusion.

How Can You Get Started Using Our SMS Services To Communicate?

To get started using our SMS services, you will need to have a Bongo Live broadcaster account first. Setting up the account is very easy and should only take a few minutes of your time. You can create one by visiting our website and signing up for a new account. The account is free and you will only be charged for the number of SMS credits you will purchase.

Using our online SMS communication platform is easy and does not require any prior technical know-how to manage it. There are a few steps that you’ll be required to take before you can start sending your messages such as adding contacts to your address book, creating contacts groups, requesting sender names and more.

If you’re ready to take your business online and continue communicating with your employees and customers, give a try to our bulk SMS services. To set up your account, get more information about our SMS services and any other assistance you can always contact us via email contact@bongolive.co.tz or give us a call +255 659457652 and we will be happy to be of help.

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