USSD provides opportunities for business to reach their various customer base. Including everyone even customers with feature phones. This technology is both simple and powerful and is being used across applications to achieve several specific business goals and objectives.

USSD enables two-way information communication as long as the communication line stays open. As such, queries and answers are nearly instantaneous. With USSD, users interact directly from their mobile phones by selecting various menus. Unlike an SMS message, during a USSD session, a USSD message creates a real-time connection.

All in all, USSD works on just about any mobile phone, whether it’s a cheap, or expensive smartphone. It’s easy for your clients to use, and cost-effective for businesses. It does not require data to work, and all it needs to operate is a connection to a network

Integrating your interaction with our USSD system offers some of the following advantages:

  • Faster user messaging
  • Wider reach on the majority of smartphones & feature phones
  • Menu-driven
  • Easy to use

Here are some examples of how we can assist your organization in integrating USSD technology to accomplish these three objectives; connecting, interacting & transacting.

  1. Connect; USSD gives you the assurance of connecting with all your customers. In the case of an NGO where customers would like to learn or receive some information. Using USSD as a channel can ensure that you reach and engage with the majority.
    2. Interact; USSD can be used for mobile marketing. For example, organizations can send primary marketing surveys that users can respond to immediately, enabling companies to get customer feedback in real time.
    3. Transact; with USSD, you can easily integrate it with your CRM system and provide requested customer information. Unlike mobile apps, USSD does not require any internet connection, and in the case of a financial institution, USSD banking can work on any mobile device, including feature phones.

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