COVID 19 –  We are Here to Support You & Our Contingency Measures

by | Mar 27, 2020

Dear Customer/Partner,

In these unfortunate and unprecedented times that we’re experiencing with the Corona /Covid-19 virus, we understand many of our customers, partners and their families may be experiencing ma\ny challenges. Beem is here to assist you during this difficult period.

We consider it our responsibility due to the importance of communication services to support communities pass through this phase. Beem has thus:

  • Reduced pricing on our messaging services for retail customers by upto 25%.
  • We have developed a FREE Swahili/English Corona WhatsApp chatbot to help educate the public and are working to get it online in collaboration with the Tanzanian Ministry of Health.
  • We are open to support any public health initiatives with our platform and communication services.

Beem is fully prepared to continue offering the same level of service that you are used to during this period. As this is a rapidly evolving situation we will continue to monitor, adapt and communicate as necessary.

Some important notes regarding our technology platform:

  • Our platform is cloud hosted and has multiple redundancies in place.
  • We are in contact with critical service providers to understand and to ascertain how service continuity can be assured.
  • Our Network & Infrastructure Support services are fully operational.

Some important notes regarding our workforce:

  • Almost 90% of our staff are currently working from home to mitigate a further spread of the virus.
  • All employees are provided internet access from their homes and we have all the necessary tools in place to ensure smooth remote operations.
  • As part of our regular business continuity plans, key personnel has been identified and appropriate protocols have been put in place.

We have implemented the following preventive measures to assure the health of our employees and clients:

  • Prohibition of business and private trips to risk areas.
  • Instructions on preventative measures such as washing hands, no handshakes, keep a safe distance etc.
  • We follow the national and international recommendations of the Tanzania Ministry of Health as well as the World Health Organization.
  • Employees that show signs of illness are obliged to stay at home, even if they have not visited a risk area, and even if it is a slight cold and no Corona related symptoms.
We are here to support you

In times when swift communication is crucial, the Beem offers a number of possibilities to start the conversation and support your internal and external communication. You can rely on our service.

In case you have questions you can reach our Customer Service Center by phone via +255 687 457 652 or email: support@beem.africa or skype: support.beem

We appreciate your taking the time to read this and thank you for your continued support.

Taha Jiwaji Founder, Beem

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