Exciting New Accelerator Partnerships to Fuel Innovation and Growth!

by | Feb 23, 2023

Startup program
To strengthen our startup program. We have joined forces with the following accelerators Seedstars, Hindsight ventures & ITC  to support startups across the African continent – Announcing our strategic partnership with our accelerator partners,  leading ecosystem players in the startup landscape. The partnership is aimed to provide early-stage startups with access to Beem’s resources, expertise, and network of industry experts and investors.

“We are thrilled to announce the partnership to support the next generation of startups, We believe that this partnership will not only provide valuable tools to early-stage startups but also drive innovation and growth in Africa” – Alifiyah Ganijee, Head of Partnerships at Beem.

As part of the partnership, Beem will provide the means for startups to grow and scale across Africa, and the World, offering resources such as free product credits on Beem APIs, Moja, Engage with dedicated, one-on-one discovery sessions.

About Beem

Beem is a Pan-African cloud communications platform that enables businesses to build meaningful customer relationships across any channel – SMS, USSD, Airtime, Payments, and Chat. Beem has a presence across 25+ markets, works with 60+ mobile network providers, and serves 6500+ customers. Businesses leverage our communication infrastructure through the BeemAPIs or our customer engagement platform BeemEngage. Our latest BeemMoja product delivers an omnichannel contact center for advanced customer engagement and support, combining all your social inboxes WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Google & SMS in one place.

About Seedstars

“This partnership with Beem will offer even more value to our startups,” said Romulo Navarrete, Head of Community at Seedstars. “Their expertise and resources will be a valuable addition to our program and we are confident that this partnership will lead to significant advancements to early-stage entrepreneurs.”

Seedstars is a Swiss-based company with a mission to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. Seedstars works with the private and public sectors to implement entrepreneurial capacity-building programs in order to create jobs and fuel economic growth.

The group runs Seedstars Programs that are designed to support entrepreneurs in varying stages of growth via training, education, mentoring, and access to resources. The company also partners, operates and invests in emerging venture capital funds in emerging markets and makes direct co- and follow-on investments in their portfolio companies through Seedstars Capital. To further support the next generation of changemakers, Seedstars Academy, a talent incubator, provides digital skills and startup-based immersive education.

Through these initiatives and partnerships, Seedstars is building a world-class community and network of changemakers in over 90 emerging ecosystems.

About Hindsight Ventures:

“This partnership with Beem will offer tremendous value to our startups,” said Jagruti Bista, Co-Founder & Managing Partner. “Beem’s domain expertise and resources will be a valuable addition to our startups perks program, and we are confident that this partnership will lead to significant advancements in the overall customer experience delivered by our startups in the markets that they operate in.”

Bullish about the prospects that the African tech startup ecosystem presents, Hindsight Ventures is a startup accelerator dedicated to early stage tech startups from Africa. Our thesis is based on the experience gained by our founders having cut their teeth in India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem from 2013 – 2020. Early stage startups come with risk, and we aim to overcome that by having a program structure that has elements that allow us to work closely with exceptional founders, building scalable solutions for addressable problems – and making them investable ventures. At Hindsight Ventures, we are charting the familiar terrain and themes, with a vision to convert our hindsight into insights, and enable our portfolio startups with foresight. We work with reputable clients and partners that include Absa Bank (Tanzania + Kenya), Microsoft, Concordia University, UNCDF, AB InBev, DOT Tanzania, Raya Group, Sahara Ventures amongst several others.

To learn more about the Startup program follow this link. 

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