Here are Five Key Benefits of Using our OTP API

by | Jun 12, 2022

Benefits of OTP

Verifying user identity for online and mobile transactions is a common challenge faced by platform administrators and software developers. Financial transactions, user registrations, order confirmations, and many other use cases require mobile numbers to be verified to complete a transaction.
Beem’s OTP API makes it extremely easy to add this verification functionality into your apps. Use our OTP API to generate and verify Time Passwords (OTP) with a single API call.

You can leverage OTPs for the following use cases

1. User verification at registration and login.
2. Payment verification and confirmation.
3. Order verification for mobile commerce and e-commerce orders.

Here are five key benefits of using our OTP API

1. Seven seconds average SMS delivery time: we ensure quick delivery on SMS to your customer. We are improving the user experience on your platform and increasing customer trust.

2. Global SMS delivery: your customers can receive their OTP from any network in any country. With global reach, the goal is to support your business growth and reaches other countries.

3. Custom SMS sender ID: apply for your sender ID and receive it in 14 days and Provide the assurance to your customers that the communication is coming from your business.

4. Customize the number of expiry times and retry attempts: depending on how well you know your customers, you can customize expiry and retry attempts to avoid losing a customer.

5. SMS verification out of the box: making it easier for you to verify your customer details. Our API automatically generates and shares the code with your customer.

To learn more, visit or sign up through this link. Get access to the complete API Documentation, Sample Code, and Coverage & Pricing.

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