Moja is an all-in-one communication combining the power of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & SMS in one, giving you a clear view of all your incoming customer inquiries.

 Beem has been an excellent partner in providing a modern solution for our customer service needs. Their new Moja tool has transformed our entire process and allowed us to take an omnichannel approach to our customer journey. The team has been proactive in reviewing our feedback and is continuously enhancing the product to provide a better customer experience.


Takims Holidays was struggling with tracking their customer satisfaction rate by not being able to measure theirs against response rate and sales conversion. Takims Holidays found it needed a customer data platform that could support online and offline interactions and incoming data across its customers’ touchpoints.


The company used Moja to integrate and unify its communication channels and leveraged personalized customer service for all its audience segments. Supporting their marketing campaigns that will increase sales conversion. With one clear view of all customer inquiries, Takims Holidays could lower its response rate using Moja Chatbot support and have a unified customer database for future targeted communication based on customer interest.

About Takims Holidays

Takims Holidays is a Destination Management Company that strives to deliver exclusive holiday experiences in Tanzania. With a legacy of over 70 years, Takims Holidays is one of the leading luxury inbound tour operators, specializing in bespoke tailor-made safari itineraries. Creating personalized customer experiences and increasing customer loyalty.

After weighing their options, Takims Holidays decided it’s more valuable to have a unified inbox and monitor all their incoming customer messages from all channels. Takims Holidays chose to use Moja for its customer support and sales services.

With Moja, Takim Holidays can track customer satisfaction by measuring agents’ response rate, the number of resolved tickets, and increased retention. Having a clear view of all their inquiries in a unified inbox Takims Holidays can respond quickly and ensure a fast and improved customer experience.

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