SMS Marketing has helped and is still helping businesses drives sales. SMS is a straight forward and accessible way of engaging, it is also a quicker and easier way for businesses to communicate with customer. With an open rate of 98%, SMS has proven to be above any other communication method in terms of reading statistics. Because of this, you can achieve some solid results in a matter of minutes e.g. boost sales, increase leads and boost customer engagement.

If you are seriously thinking of making big financial gains in your business, we recommend you to join other like-minded business owners who have been using our messaging and communication services to run their bulk SMS campaigns.

Read these three business stories below and find out how each business managed to increase revenue with bulk SMS for business and how you can do the same;


 Cassandra Lingerie Store

A retail shop selling women lingerie, Cassandra store needed to target existing customers with special offers and promotions every time a new stock arrived  to create repeat business within their chain stores in Sinza, Mikocheni and City Center.

Using their big list of customer database, they send out bulk SMS to their customers every now and then informing them about new stock arrivals in the stores, different offers and promotions such as 2 for 1 discounts.

Following these marketing campaigns of sending out these new arrival notifications, special offers and promotions, Cassandra Lingerie shop has managed to reach its customer base very quickly and in a short period of time. This resulted to a high response rate which increased the statistics of customer visiting their stores to up to 600 customers.


Shoppers Supermarket

Shppers Supermarket uses bulk SMS to send out special offers and sales promotions to their list of customers. They also send out seasonal greetings and use SMS to occasionally communicate with clients.

With SMS, Shppers supermarket  has been able to reach its target customers directly on their mobile phones and subsequently receiving great response rates in terms of sales. Customers who received alerts about the ongoing sales offers would show up at the store and claim the promised offers.


Pizza Hut Restaurant

Similar to scenarios mentioned above, Pizza Hut restaurant which is situated in various locations in Dar es Salaam, uses bulk SMS to run their marketing campaigns and boost sales.

Pizza Hut frequently sends out quick SMS messages containing special offers and discounts to their customers. Sending out these SMS helped increase more awareness and spread the word across  which prompted to an increase in customers visiting and ordering from Pizza Hut restaurant across the city.

These are just few examples of how best any business can leverage bulk SMS marketing to boost their sales. So if you’re serious about increasing your sales, don’t ignore the fastest growing marketing channel, SMS. SMS marketing offers an average 98% open rate, 32% response rate and a whole host of features for less costs.


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