Incentive Marketing: Exploring The Value of Mobile Airtime To Businesses

by | Sep 2, 2019

When running a survey with the aim of collecting data about a product or service or want to drive engagement in a new marketing campaign, a business has the task of building a strategy that will make these processes possible. The aim usually, is to get the attention and full participation of consumers in order to get the results you need. To solve this, here at Bongo Live, we came up with a solution for businesses known as Mobile Airtime. With this service, businesses can easily incentivize customers by rewarding them with mobile airtime that can be sent straight to their mobile phones as a way of rewarding them for their participation in a survey or campaign.

Mobile airtime is a mobile solutions service used as a form of payment that allows an individual, company or organization to disburse airtime in bulk to a list or individual contact instantly. The airtime, which can be in the form of a reward, is sent to an individual on demand or as per schedule from one or more mobile networks (i.e. Tigo, Vodacom, Airtel and Halotel).

Benefits of Mobile Airtime

  1. Can be sent and received instantly: You can send bulk airtime to your employees, team members, field workers or subscribers at once and their mobile phones will be recharged instantly with the amount you requested.
  2. Can be used immediately: Once sent to and received by the customers, the rewards can be used immediately to make phone calls or send text messages.
  3. Multiple networks coverage: Easily recharge mobile phones in multiple destinations from your account on the dashboard (our website). Simply select a top up amount and the airtime minutes will be on their way. This helps you reach most people with no hassle.
  4. Keep and track your records: You can have access to all transactions records and payment history. You can also obtain invoices and receipts for your purchases for accounting purposes. This ensures all transactions are tracked and recorded.
  5. Incentive marketing: Mobile airtime can be used as a marketing tool to promote a business, particularly for incentive marketing campaigns. Airtime incentives can be a powerful approach for driving consumer engagement and customer acquisition as it encourages customers to try out your service or product.
  6. Reward mechanism: Competitive commission / earn commission per transaction
  7. Builds loyalty: a business can enable customers to redeem loyalty points with digital currency such a airtime. For example offering airtime rewards for each 3rd airplane ticket booked or adding x amount of airtime to users who purchase annual subscription.
  8. Accelerate conversion: for every action done by the user you can award them. For example rewarding them with airtime for referring a friend or subscribing to your service.
  9. Seamless application integration: Our API allows businesses and companies to integrate to our mobile airtime platform or integrate the functionality into their applications. Our online and user friendly self service portal also allows companies to run rewards on their own whenever they want to.
  10. Compatible with all mobile devices. 


  • Consumer Rewards – On basis of specific consumer behavior or purchases made, businesses can send mobile airtime rewards to a customer as an appreciation token for their loyalty.
  • Promotions and Competition – Airtime can be used to encourage users to participate in contest whereby they get rewarded for voting for a contestant or for when they buy a promoted product or subscribe to a service.
  • Survey Participation Rewards – Here, airtime can be sent out as rewards to users based on milestones reached in the data collection process.
  • Employee Rewards – As a way to motivate employees, a company can reward and incentivize staff instantly with mobile airtime directly on their mobile phones they accomplish a certain task.
  • Marketing Campaigns Rewards – Airtime is used to power up marketing campaigns by rewarding users or customers with airtime for every activity they accomplish e.g. top them up after purchasing a product for the first time.

How it works

At Bongo Live, we offer airtime top up services that allows customers to send airtime credit directly to any mobile number on supported networks phones. This can simply be done at a click or through an automated integration via web and API.

The API below outlines the flow of sending airtime. Simply follow the instructions below and you can get started.

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