by | Aug 8, 2022

Beem Pitch at Africa Arena Summit

Our CEO Taha had the opportunity of attending the Africa Arena Summit in South Africa and pitching Beem. The Africa Arena Summit is focused on accelerating tech in Africa and promoting opportunities to various companies through corporate open innovation challenges. This aligns with our overall goal of empowering multiple African enterprises and SMEs with mobile technology tools to grow their business.

The new SMS template are now available for quick communication

We are happy to announce that our new generic template feature is available on our SMS platforms. You can now send multiple messages with no hassle, our template feature has categories for various scenarios such as holiday greetings, promotions, upsell, and many more. This will help our customers to communicate quickly by spending less time crafting the right message. We have thought of many possible scenarios for you and all that’s left is for you to add the required information to close the deal 🙂

Earn a commission with our Beem Affiliate program

We’re now offering an opportunity for our loyal customers to refer their friends and colleagues to our platform and earn a commission through our Beem Affiliate program. To earn the recurring commision all you need to do is share the link available in your account to your contacts. Anyone that signs up using that link, you earn up to 10% commission for up to one year for any purchases they make. To get started login to your account and look for the ‘Refer & Earn’ icon on the top header.

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