WhatsApp messenger

We have updated many of our features to ensure that our customers continue to have a great experience using Moja and get more return on investment.  The new features include new channels such as Business messenger & Telegram and for business looking forward to reaching out to customers after 24hrs they can request for WhatsApp templates. 

New Features

WhatsApp message template is an exciting new feature that will assist businesses in reaching out to their customers first to trigger a response or an action. With this, a company can quickly achieve the goal of converting this initial message into a two-way conversation when the user replies. Learn more on how WhatsApp templates 

What's coming next

We have added Google Business Messenger & Telegram to Moja, and you now have the advantage of ensuring a positive and seamless experience throughout the customer journey.

Another new feature is a simple chatbot solution where we added interactive buttons. The buttons can easily guide your customer through all the necessary steps, making the process more engaging, accessible, and dynamic. 

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