Powerful Leadership Lessons from the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final

by | Jan 30, 2023

Powerful Leadership Lessons from the 2022 FIFA World Cup Final - By Taha Jiwaji

The World Cup final between Argentina and France was a showcase of leadership and teamwork that start-ups can learn from. There were clear leadership lessons that were laid bare for everyone to see. Did you pick up on them?

In this ebook, Taha Jiwaji, CEO of Beem Africa, takes a look at the Leadership Lessons that made the final such an exciting event for the whole world to marvel at. While these lessons aren’t unique to business, startups can learn a lot from them.

Who is Taha Jiwaji?

Taha Jiwaji is an entrepreneur, mentor and angel investor. He enjoys sharing his experience and the lessons learned from running and investing in startups. His startup Beem has been bootstrapped and scaled from just an idea to operating across 25 countries and a distributed team of 35+ people across 3 continents.

Beem is a now leading Pan-African cloud communications platform that enables businesses to create mobile experiences for their customers through SMS, USSD, Airtime and Chat on WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram.

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