At the end of December last year. Mzee Jackson  officially retired officially 


He started working with Mr Taha’s parent’s the year he was born and he has seen him growing up all the way to adulthood. He started working at Bongo Live(now Beem) 7 years ago and has been our longest serving staff member.

Mzee Jackson had just started working with us and all of our 4 other staff at that time left for various reasons within a span of 3 weeks. He stayed with us during this difficult period and did everything from supporting customers and answering social media queries because there was no one else around.

Over the years he has been a stable presence in our office and continued to be the ‘jack of all trades to keep the office running. We think loyalty and dependability are very rare commodities these days. He stuck with us.

Wanted to take a moment to celebrate his achievements and thank him for all his contributions to getting us to where we are today. Farewell Mzee Jackson