SMS Campaigns to Boost your Marketing Results

by | Dec 7, 2021

SMS campaign have been going through a revival and for a good reason it’s the most effective mode of reaching your customers and with exceptional results. Coming up with a responsive and professional text message template and getting it across effectively in just 160 characters is trickier than at first glance. When we came up with this breakthrough feature for our customers we thought of different challenges that a business is going though and we wanted to simplify their communication process. To give you ideas and inspiration we have compiled this simple SMS templates for different occasions and to assist you with your campaigns.  We have split up the SMS templates  by occasions and all that is left is for you to add your personal business touch. Once you have gone through the SMS templates below you’ll definitely want to check out our SMS template feature for more examples. 

 Promotion SMS template 

Why is it hard to come up with a great promotional SMS template? The offer is never usually the problem its how to get across using SMS where character count is limited. So in just 160 character you have to grab someone attention, make an offer and call to action. In reference to the sample presented the SMS is to communicate an upcoming product that is new to market enticing customers to quickly grab their product at the mentioned amount. This gives the promotion a more personal touch and delivered in an efficient way. 

SMS template

Drop off SMS template 

While tracking the growth of your SMS marketing campaign it’s important to track how many subscribers you are losing. The nature of SMS makes is an incredibly personal form of communication. Because of this, you need to make sure that your messages are personally targeted to the right group of people. Best way to ensure that customers are satisfied is to engage with them and let them know you’re listening. Customer engagement is the fuel that propels your business. 

Upsell SMS template

Customers won’t return to your store on their own. Instead, shoot them a quick text showcasing your other related products and services after they make a purchase. Consumers have a 60%-70% chance to make another purchase after they’ve already bought something from your business especially if you’re offering something that compliments their initial purchase. 

Loyalty SMS template 

An easy way to retain engaged shoppers is by rewarding your loyal customers. With special loyalty programs and rewards, you can increase your customer satisfaction and transform these customers into advocates for your business. 

How to get started? 

Ready to take your retention strategy to the next level with the power of SMS marketing? Visit our vendor dashboard here: https://sms.beem.africa/#!/dashboard/quick-sms 

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