With every business jumping onto the digital marketing bandwagon, one would think that text messages are a thing of yesterday. However, in terms of a communication channel, SMS Marketing isn’t going anywhere in the medium term. As a channel, it provides businesses direct access to a huge volume of users interested in interacting with brands. If used accurately, SMS Marketing can be a strong asset to your mobile marketing strategy.

The future of SMS Marketing is as bright as day. And in case you’ve forgotten the undeniable power of a simple SMS, here are a few things that are awesome about SMS marketing for your business.

  1. Text messages are immediate – messages are delivered to phones within seconds of being sent reaching hundreds or thousands of customers at the same time. You simply have to decide what you want to say, draft sms content and sending it.
  2. They have a high open-rate – almost all text messages get read with a gigantic open-rate of 98%. It is therefore vital to ensure you craft the right message, send it at the right time so as to captivate the right audience.
  3. Sending messages is cheap – while it is not free, it can be pretty cheap depending on your provider. So, not only will you save tons of money on expensive promotional campaigns, but you’ll also get an incredibly high response rate.
  4. It is Mobile friendly – More and more people are using their mobile devices to do almost everything nowadays from texting to browsing and shopping online. Embracing this type of marketing means presenting your business to a wider audience.

We are currently living in an ever changing digital marketing landscape – a “mobile-first world” where people spend most of their time on mobile devices. To keep up with consumers’ needs, we need to adapt to the “mobile-first world” and make our business strategies more mobile-focused.

One of the most effective ways of mobile communication is SMS marketing. The benefits SMS marketing as mentioned earlier can bring to your businesses are substantial results like instant communication, better engagement and improved user experience, personalization, greater reliability and generous ROI.

So to all Marketers out there, you  shouldn’t overlook the power of a text message but rather you should try to incorporate this type os marketing into your already existing marketing strategies. Why? Because as long as Mobile devices continue existing, SMS marketing is here to stay for a very long time!