SMS Short Code Services in Africa – A Boon For Your Business

by | Dec 22, 2021

Organizations may send and receive large amounts of SMS and MMS mobile communications using shortcodes, which are shortened phone numbers that often include five to six digits. Shortcodes are a fantastic option for quick bulk outreach in overall Africa.

SMS Short codes services are designed to facilitate communication between companies and their clients while enhancing security and deliverability throughout Africa under the supervision of the continent’s leading mobile operators. Let us know about the functioning and types of SMS shortcodes in-depth.

SMS Short Code Services - Beem Africa

SMS Short Codes vs. Long Codes

In the telecoms sector, the traditional ten-digit local phone numbers that we all grew up with were previously solely referred to as long codes. Charges are applied for calls and texts with long codes. Short codes, on the other hand, were created particularly to handle enormous volumes of bulk A2P text messages and cannot support voice calls. These large numbers of SMS messages can be transmitted significantly faster on wireless networks because they get more capacity.

How Do SMS Short Codes Operate in Africa?

Before getting and utilizing an SMS short code, Africa’s wireless carrier services must consent for that number to deliver any communications on their networks. This measure lessens the volume of spam that constantly pings our phones and enhances the industry’s capacity to confirm the safe use of customer data.

By monitoring the material supplied through SMS short codes, aggregators like Sinch further increase safety. After you have given the go-ahead, individuals may text a “keyword” to your short code, which is often a brief word or phrase, to choose to participate in SMS marketing campaigns. The objective is to make the phone number easier to remember and streamline the opt-in procedure by reducing the number of digits. An option to use long codes is to use SMS.

How Does a Business in Africa Profit from SMS Short Code Services?

Business opting for the SMS short codes services for marketing has always succeeded. Here are a few benefits served by short code.

  • Delivery receipts are included, making it simpler to track the success of your campaigns.
  • SMS Short codes demonstrate your company’s dedication to the stringent laws and regulations required to utilize them, which increases client trust.
  • Communication becomes more scalable since they directly and rapidly reach big audiences at affordable prices.
  • Branding benefits greatly with a specialized short code.
  • Additionally, they offer the MMS deliverability that is most dependable.
  • For clients, shorter numbers are simpler to recall.
  • The clients won’t need to learn a new technology or download a new app to get your communications if you choose an SMS-based outreach campaign.

Parting Thoughts

A straightforward yet effective method for improving client involvement is SMS short code services. The kind of code you select and the length of your lease will affect the cost of renting a short code. The pricing scheme is rather uncomplicated.

Explore our website to find out how Beem Africa can assist you in using SMS short codes to support the expansion of your business and maximize the usage of these powerful little digits!

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