As a business, you probably want your customers to be able to reach you with any inquiry and provide responses instantly.

WhatsApp is a perfect channel for crafting personalized relationships with your customers and serving them instantly.

However, managing hundreds of conversations on WhatsApp and remembering when to follow up with relevant information can be challenging. This is what Moja can help you solve not only on WhatsApp but also on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, and more.

Here are a few features on Moja to supercharge your customer experience.

Keep track of conversations; recalling all the necessary information after a conversation with multiple customers can be challenging. With chat tags, you can easily add discussion points and action items for the future.

Set available hours; informing your customers about your working hours is crucial. You can set open work hours on Moja and inform customers during hours that your team is not available, and the bot can handle the inquiries.

Product catalog; you can easily upload your product catalog for convenience. This will assist you in closing more sales and informing your customers of available products.

Quick replies; set quick answers for convenience and efficiency.

SMS to WhatsApp; send bulk SMS to your contacts with a WhatsApp link to increase conversations and get product inquiries instantly. You can read more about this feature here.

Get business results with WhatsApp to enhance your sales, support, and marketing.

To learn more, visit this page or send the word Moja on WhatsApp to 255 659 457 652 to book a demo.