Three Lesser-Known Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

by | Oct 24, 2022

Despite many marketing gurus proclaiming that SMS marketing will be dead soon, its effectiveness does not seem to go down. It is still up and thriving due to increased usage of cell phones among people; SMS marketing is still one of the major marketing strategies that work wonders for your business. Mobile marketing has become one of the most effective marketing tools for companies to communicate with all types of customers in a personalized way due to the significant amount of online traffic generated through mobile phones.
Let us look at some of the lesser-known benefits of using an SMS messaging platform that no one is telling you about. But first,

What Is Bulk SMS Marketing?

An effective way to communicate with customers, wherever they are in their customer journey, bulk SMS is the distribution of many text messages to their mobile phones. Although this type of marketing has been around for many years, it is still an effective method of reaching your customers, improving customer engagement, and encouraging conversions. 98 percent of text messages are opened compared to 22 percent of emails, which means if you want to communicate with your customers, going on a bulk SMS platform is much more likely to succeed than email.

SMS messaging platform

3 Incredible Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

Targeted Promotions

Timing is everything in marketing. It is imperative to ride the right wave at the right time. Bulk SMS marketing lets businesses connect with their prospective clients no matter where they are sitting. SMS marketing offers enterprises the opportunity to generate repeat customers while attracting new ones by connecting with contact lists that have previously agreed to receive marketing communications.

Better Open Rate Than E-Mails

One of the most significant benefits of an SMS messaging platform is the exceptional click rate it has. It is also the fastest way to get your message across to a wide variety of audiences in a few crisp words. Business SMS marketing seems like a more effective marketing option when you consider that 98 percent of all SMS messages are opened and read within five seconds of delivery. This compares to the average open rate for emailers, which is around 20 percent. If you want to increase engagement and click-through rates, it’s time to start taking SMS marketing seriously.

Excellent Conversion Rate

SMS texts can boost or offer a larger conversion rate compared to emails. Your chances of converting prospects are higher when your messages are more tailored to their demographics and purchasing habits. You can connect with your target audience easily and persuade them to take the desired steps by using a concise and powerful message. The messaging can be more direct and effective via simple SMS Templates, regardless of whether you want them to click a link or sign up for something.

The Bottom Line

Bulk SMS is still one of the most effective marketing strategies used by brands and businesses to connect with a wide range of audiences at once. The click and conversion rate of bulk SMS marketing is very promising.

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