Using Beem APIs to Create a Great Customer Service Experience for Finance and Regulatory Compliance

by | May 19, 2021

Earlier this week we got to meet Insider Advisory, one of our clients with offices in Dar es salaam and Mwanza, Tanzania. Insider Advisory is a tax consulting practice that provides comprehensive tax consultancy services all over Tanzania. Insider Advisory provides accounting, taxation and business solutions to some of Tanzania’s most prominent organizations spanning multiple industries such as energy, mining, manufacturing, charities and financial institutions among others.

So, how did a group of finance gurus get into developing technology solutions in their industry? In their practice, the Insider Advisory team has come across so many challenges that businesses face that can easily be solved by technology solutions. This led to the formation of an IT section in the company named Insider Tech Solutions where they created Tax Pro, a solution that helps their clients manage their businesses seamlessly with transparent processes. As a result, clients are able to reduce theft and fraud in their businesses.

The Insider Advisory Team with a Beem representative

TaxPro is a web-based accounting and HR management platform developed by Insider Tech Solutions. It has been formulated mainly as a tax compliance-centric software that offers a range of easy-to-use and time-saving utilities that empowers your organization to record and manage financial data and generate various reports and analytics at the click of a button.

Tax pro automatically sends Important notifications which are configured directly in the system using the Beem SMS API. To signup on the systems users receive an OTP code to verify their contacts to ensure that all accounts created on the system are valid. They are doing this using the Beem OTP API. The system also sends out important messages such as reminders to run payroll, generate and send salary slips and reminders for the due dates for tax payments and due dates for other statutory obligations (deductions and contributions). Clients also receive other HR reminder messages such as expiring job contracts, work permits, employee leave, retirement dates, statutory contribution status, upcoming official events, staff birthdays and expiring leave.  Insider’s clients love the SMS notifications because they never miss important Tax deadlines. 


Henry Bukuru, Software Developer at Insider Tech Solutions

After struggling to find the right way to send SMS to our clients directly from our Tax and Business management system. We Finally came across the Beem APIs from Beem which are very easy to understand. The API’s short lines of codes helped us complete a very complex tasks in developing the Tax Pro system.

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