USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) in simple terms is a GSM communication technology that facilitates the message exchanges between a mobile device and the network’s operating computer or the main application program.

To understand it better, think about the menu of options you encounter when dialing a specific number on your cell phone to buy airtime or purchase data bundles from your mobile network provider.

As a decade old technology, USSD is used for a variety of reasons. Its technology enables a simple browsing experience through a menu-based system on your mobile device with real-time network connections. USSD works on most mobile devices i.e. standard phones, feature phones and smart phones without the need to install any app, programme or access to mobile data.

Aside from the widely know uses like paying utility bills, crediting airtime and transferring money, USSD technology can applied in many other cases. Below are some use case examples on how Beem can assist your organization or business to integrate USSD technology to benefit your customers.

  • Conducting Polls or Surveys

USSD is the ideal platform to use to easily poll subscribers on an infinite variety of issues. Companies can send basic marketing surveys and questionnaires that can be immediately answered by users. USSD helps to provide customer feedback at a low cost and reliably in data collection processes.

  • Content Updates and Paid Information

Commercial companies can use USSD technology to provide users with paid content such as news, sports, and weather information. As a result, this promotes data accuracy and better customer service as businesses will be able to convey information to their users in real time and in person.

  • Managing Accounts

With this use case, users can manage their mobile subscription account with a USSD interface. They will be able to manage all activities related to their account like checking account balance, pay bills, request for a loan among other uses.

USSD technology is growing every single day. Countless industries could benefit from USSD as we can already observe the massive uptake of this technology by industries such as banking, micro-finance, insurance companies and other businesses. Below are other additional use case examples which include;

  • Changing Device Settings
  • Banking: Account Management
  • Shopping
  • And more….