When Bongo Live started in 2010, the goal was to empower business through technology. We are proud to say that 10 years later, we are still dedicated to this. So why are we rebranding?

Our current name, Bongo Live is reminiscent of the favourite music of Tanzania, the country where the company was founded. Having grown across different countries over the years, we are no longer just a Tanzanian company. We now have a global footprint and mobile network connectivity in over 20 countries. We needed an identity that will be as expansive as our growth. 

Our new brand name is not a facetious decision. We wanted a refresh to signify our growth over the years and our future. The name has been carefully considered for over a year now and we are finally coming to the end of this journey. We had a lot of conversations about what changing our name would mean for the company and for our customers.  We will change our name, logo, emails, website and logo to match the new name. Everything else will stay the same. You will still be able to log into the unified communications platform with your current user name and password. Our contact information will remain the same, however, the email addresses will have the new name extension. 

A lot of preparation has been going on behind the scenes and we can now say we are almost ready to reveal our new brand. Are you ready? Follow us to get more news about our rebranding journey.