USSD tips

USSD provides several opportunities for businesses to better target and reach their various customer base universally.

This technology is simple and powerful and is used across applications to achieve several specific businesses, goals, and objectives, especially for emerging markets with low smartphone penetration.

USSD is easy to use, does not require sophisticated technology, and is cheaper than most communication platforms.

Here are some of the use cases

  • Mobile Financial services like Mobile banking – because it works on any mobile device at a low cost.
  • Menus and requests – users can purchase airtime, and data, or request account balances.
  • Updating customer information – integrate USSD with your CRM software to request updated information.
  • Send surveys or questionnaires for cost-effective and reliable customer feedback.
  • Use USSD in competitions or other marketing activities like vouchers and coupons.
  • Order confirmation and tracking on online purchases.

What can USSD do for your business?

USSD does not require any internet; if the goal is to reach the mass. USSD is the best way to get customers to participate, depending on the mode of your business.

Reduce operating costs; USSD provides your customer the option to self-serve.

Works with any mobile phone; USSD works with every mobile phone and does not exclude customers with feature phones

Intuitive menu with real-time interactivity; as the mode of operating is choosing an action to proceed, this provides real-time feedback and response. It makes the business operation fast, accessible, and efficient.

Enhanced customer satisfaction; USSD provides the ability to self-serve, and your customer satisfaction rate can grow with this option.

The USSD solution is a necessary channel for a more efficient and convenient way to communicate with all customers. Ready to start adding USSD features to your platform?


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