Why Do Startups Prefer to Use Two-Way SMS Service?

by | Nov 10, 2022

Startups have increased rapidly in recent years, and many economists see them as a key to the country’s economic growth. Startups are no different than any other type of company in that they require an efficient marketing plan to establish their brand’s credibility and engage customers. Using a two-way SMS service for startups provided by Beem may prove to be the most effective advertising technique, helping your business differentiate itself from its rivals and ultimately seize a larger portion of the target market.
This post will discuss the benefits of utilizing two-way SMS Service and the several methods you can incorporate into your business. Continue reading this article till the very end if you are looking for a promotional tool that you may use for your new company venture.

Two-Way SMS Services

Why Should Startups Use a Two-Way SMS Service?

Due to the prevalence of smartphones, text messaging is now the sole feasible option for establishing direct interaction between a company and its target audience. Traditional channels like email, print advertising, and telephone are not recommended since they fail to develop an instant and direct relationship with clients. As a result of its low cost, ease of use, and rapid speed of connection with the intended audience, two-way SMS service has quickly become a widely used form of advertising.
With the two-way text messaging software, you can alert your clients of important news on time while simultaneously promoting your business. Many new companies are choosing these SMS services over more traditional forms of advertising because of their many advantages.

How Is Two-Way SMS Service Beneficial?

1. Obtains Feedback

To provide better service, it is crucial to know your customer’s preferences and interests. If you want to see progress in your company, you need to clearly understand where you stand. SMS service is the best option for efficiently, cheaply, and sensibly collecting client feedback compared to other survey solutions. SMS has surpassed all other tools and has become the most popular medium for collecting feedback due to its high open rates and capacity to engage with many people simultaneously.

2. Promote Your Brand

Advertising your new business via text message service is a great idea because it enables you to reach many people with narrowly targeted messages. People always carry mobiles and check them three times an hour. SMS Marketing is the easiest way to engage customers and spread brand awareness. Startups use the two-way SMS Service to distribute specials and discounts to their target group’s mobile phones.

3. Broadcast the Updates

SMS is the safest way to send payment alerts, OTP, purchase details, etc. With the alarming rise of online fraud, phishing, keyboards logging, and other forms of theft, there is a pressing need for a reliable, trustworthy, and private means of communication. The two-way service sends OTPs, alarms, and transaction updates quickly and securely.
Is it possible that a two-way SMS service could be beneficial to your company?

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