Bpay API

Collect and consolidate payments from various channels using Bpay. You can leverage Bpay to collect payments for digital services and consumer or B2B purchases instantly and in real-time. It reduces time to market and gets complete visibility and tracking of all transactions.

Here are four reasons why you should choose Bpay

Instant money reflection on the account; when a customer pays for their goods and service, the transaction will reflect immediately in your bank account as we do not hold the money

Funds withdrawal to a personal bank account; with the instant money reflection, you can easily withdraw the money as you receive it 

Collection from all payment methods; our Bpay API accepts money from any other mobile banking service. 

Real-time transaction reports; you can easily review your transaction reports through our system

Ready to incorporate mobile payments into your platform? Look at our comprehensive API documentation and sample code, which provide detailed instructions and complete tutorials.

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