Automated. Intelligent. Conversational.

Improve customer service, generate leads and much more with intelligent and automated chatbots on WhatsApp, Facebook & SMS.

Engage customers

Automate your conversions with chatbots.

With the advent of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger there is an opportunity to have richer engagement and interaction on social. These virtual chabots, which imitate human conversations for solving various tasks, are becoming increasingly in demand. They can range from basic information lookup services such as a price check to intelligent conversational tools such as a hotel concierge service.

Beem has developed a unique chatbot model that combines one or more channels (SMS, WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger) to maximize reach as well as allow for interaction with and without network. This takes your traditional two SMS service to a whole new level by adding intelligence and richer content (images, video, web links).

Automate customer engagement with chatbots from Beem

What can you use it for?

Using chatbots for product information lookup

Product Lookup

Let customers lookup products and their prices.

Collect information using chatbots


Collect valuable customer comments and feedback.

Using chatbots for Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Generate leads and orders using automated chatbots.

Provide product information and education using chatbots

Product Education

Provide relevant product information for onboarding.

Use two-way SMS for polling

Contests & Polls

Get popular opinions through polls and manage automated contests.

Self-care, support and access using USSD


Provide valuable self-service tools to customers.

Key Features

So you can focus on what matters.


Interactive conversational engagement.

Rich content with embedded audio, video and images.
Fully automated conversations.
Multi-language support.
Incorporates natural language elements & artificial intelligence.
In depth analytics to analyse conversations.
Personalized to each client.
Available on Facebook / WhatsApp / SMS Channels.
Combine into workflows with our airtime, ussd, payments and sms APIs.

How it Works

4 Simple & Easy Steps

Step 1

Understand requirements and objectives.

Step 2

Chatbot design and implementation.

Step 3

Setup WhatsApp Number, Facebook Page Integrations.

Step 4

Cross channel testing and iteration.

The Beem Advantage

We understand our customers rely on our services and expect us to deliver scalable and reliable bulk SMS services. Through our SMS messaging experience, market knowledge, and domain expertise, we constantly strive to solve our customer's challenges whilst remaining economical and competitive.


Platform uptime guarantee of 99.9%.


Robust and Scalable platform processing millions of transactions.

Network Reach

Support for over 150 Mobile Networks across Africa & the World.


Dedicated support team with an Industry Standard SLA.

Flexible Models

No minimum commitment with a pay-as-you-go model.

Tiered Pricing

Competitive tier-based pricing.

Improve customer service, generate leads and much more with intelligent and automated chatbots on WhatsApp, Facebook & SMS.