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Beemathon Challenge Recap

Join the Beem #DevTalk, the first in a new series of events designed to bring developers closer to Beem and provide developers with a platform for exploration of unique opportunities in the Pan-African Tech Space.

Get an insightful view into the winning entries and into the minds of the winners. Hear from the winners directly and from the Beem team on their reviews of the submissions and more API opportunities.

Register for the online event to secure your seat at the first ever Beem #DevTalk.

Certified Been Developer Champion

Program Highlights

  • Hear from the Beemathon winners about their submissions.
  • Hear experts' reviews on the various subimssions to the challenge.
  • Learn more about different use cases of the Beem APIs and best practices.
  • Get insight into how Beem APIs cahelp bring your idea to life.
  • Learn about the Beem Developer Champion Program and the opportunities it presents.
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The first ever Beem #DevTalk will take place on Friday, 1st October 2021.

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The Beem #DevTalk will be a live streamed online event, available to everyone in the World.

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To join the event, which will be live on Zoom, please register using the registration links provided.

The Beemathon Challenge Winners

Beemathon Judge Belinda Ware

Peter Karanja

Digital Juke Pi
Beemathon Judge Clemence Kyara

Evance Nganyaga

Escrow Web
Beemathon Judge Yesaya Athuman

Robert Okwakol

Mzigo Huoo

Join the first Beem #DevTalk

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