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Uploading/Adding contacts

  • Try to keep the format in which you collect/enter phone numbers (e.g 25575… or 075…) consistent
  • Upload in batches of upto 20,000 contacts for optimal results

Sending SMS Broadcasts

  • Do a test broadcast to 3-4 numbers of different networks to ensure the sms looks the way you want it to and there are no delivery issues. Contact our support in case of any issues.
  • Minimize the length of an sms to 1 or maximum 2 sms to ensure maximum delivery. Many subscribers have devices with memory full or older phone models are not able to combine multiple sms correctly.
  • We recommend sending sms between 9am – 7pm Mon-Saturday or maximum effectiveness. Avoid sending sms after 9pm and very early in the morning.
  • For SMS offers, try both english and swahili adverts to test the effectiveness of each.
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