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How To Create Reseller Sub-Account

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Here is a quick walk through video to show how to create a reseller sub account.


To add a new sub-account on behalf of your client(s) follow the steps below:

  1. Go to “Reseller’ on the main menu of your dashboard
  2. Select “Manage Clients” on the drop down menu
  3. Click the “+Add New” button
  4. Fill in boxes provided with the client’s credentials i.e. their first and last names, mobile phone numbers (number should follow the format 255782…, 0782…, 782…,), username, email, country, city, account type (can be individual or organization) and password
  5. When done, click the “Save” button
  6. You will get a notification “Sub account created successfully”
  7. The new sub-account will be added in your list of clients
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