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How To Edit And Delete Contacts

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Editing Contacts

  1. To edit contact details of a saved contact, click on the “View” icon on the group with the contact
  2. Next, select the contact you want to edit and click on the “Edit” icon
  3. Edit the contact details by filling in the sections of boxes you want to update
  4. Once done, click on the “Save” button
  5. You will get a notification alert “Contact was updated successfully”

Here is a quick walk through video to show you how to edit and delete contacts.


Deleting Contacts

6. To delete a saved contact, select the contact you want to delete from a contact group and click on the “Delete” icon

7. You will get a confirmation notification pop up asking you to confirm your request. Click on the “Yes” button to continue

8. After clicking “Yes” the contact will be deleted and you will get a notification saying “Contact was deleted successfully”

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