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How To Request A Sender Name

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Here is a quick walk through video to show you how to request a sender name


A sender name is what a recipient will see as ‘From’ on an incoming SMS. The name can be used as an identifier of your brand when sending messages to customer or clinets.

We require approval of sender names to avoid misuse of sender names and also allow follow mobile operator and regulatory guidelines.

There are also increasingly more restrictions being placed by mobile networks on what sender names are allowed. These restrictions are constantly evolving. Current restrictions are listed below but ask sender id support (senderid@bongolive.co.tz) for more details.

Tanzania: Each network requires the sender name to be registered. Additional letters or business registration documents may be requested to verify the identity of a business/organizations. Some networks allow default sender names. Registration Timeline 10-14 days

To create and request a sender name(s), follow the steps below.

  1. Go to “Campaign” on your dashboard menu

  2. Select “Sender Names” on the drop down menu
  3. Select “Add new” on the drop down menu then click proceed
  4. Type in your sender name you want to request

  5. Type in a sample message content

  6. When done, click the “Submit” button

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