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How To Send Quick SMS

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Here is a quick walk through video to show you how to send quick SMS

Quick SMS lets you send a fast broadcast to up to 50 numbers. To select “Quick SMS” as how you want to send out your SMS campaign, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to “Campaign” on your dashboard menu
  2. Select “Quick SMS” on the drop down menu
  3. Click on “Quick SMS” as an option of how you want to send a campaign SMS

To start sending your “Quick Message” follow these steps

  1. Type the phone number(s) of the recipients of your message.They can be in any format e.g (255784XX, 0784XXX or 784XXX). Remember to press space key to add mobile numbers
  2. Select and add a sender name,(sender name is who the SMS will appear ‘From’ which is required)
  3. You can select a message from your saved SMS templates. This is optional and the selected SMS template will automatically be added to the “Message” box
  4. Type in your message content in the “Message” box if you do not want to use your SMS templates
  5. When done, click the “Validate” button
  6. You will see summary of your “Quick Message” with record details of the recipient phone numbers i.e. total numbers, duplicates, invalid and valid numbers.
  7. Once you confirm the record details are correct, click the “Next” button
  8. Before sending, preview your message content and confirm if all details are correct i.e. Text message, sender name, recipients, character count and SMS count per recipient
  9. Next, confirm your SMS count and credit details to see if you they’re accurate
  10. When done, click the “Send” button
  11. Once your message is sent, you will receive a notification “Message Sent Successfully”
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