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How To Setup A Reseller Profile

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Next, you will be required to personalize your reseller profile to match your business brand. To manage your reseller profile i.e. personalize it with your logo, website url, contact address and more follow the steps below

  1. Go to “Profile” on the main menu on your dashboard

  2. Go to “Reseller & Personalization”

  3. Next click on the “Edit’ button

  4. Fill in the boxes to personalize your reseller profile to match your business/company brand i.e. upload logo, choose theme color, add your organization name, reseller url, reseller support email address and phone number, reseller payment method

  5. When done, click the “Save” button

  6. You will get a notification “Profile Updated Successfully”

Once you personalize your reseller account, your clients will be able to see the updated interface with your personalized theme on their dashboard when they log in as shown in the screen shot above:

  1. Your contact details here i.e. reseller support number

  2. Your company or organization logo

  3. Your business name

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