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How To Sign Up And Register

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  1. Visit our website https://login.beem.africa/#!/register and click the “Sign Up” button found at the top right hand-side of the home page to sign up as a broadcaster
  2. Once the sign up page is open, fill in the boxes with the required details i.e.
  • Name – Your First & Last Name
  • Mobile Number – Always include the country code but without the (+) sign e.g. 255782…
  • Email Address – This will be used to send you any notifications and updates
  • Add Location – The current place of resident
  • Account Type – Select organization if setting up an account for a company or individual if for personal use
  • Username – Should be 6 characters and above
  • Password – Should be 6 characters and above
  1. When you are done, click the “Sign Up” button
  2. You will get the notification “Registration completed successfully”. Next, go to your email for account activation and you can proceed logging into your account
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