Mobile Payments API

Mobile money integration made easy.

Instantly collect & disburse funds directly into mobile money wallets across Africa.

Collect & Pay.

Mobile Money Collection

Software developers now have the ability to collect funds directly from subscriber mobile money wallets for mobile networks across Africa. Leverage this to collect payments for digital services, consumer or B2B purchases instantly and in real-time. Reduce time to market and get complete visibility and tracking of all transactions.

Mobile Money Disbursement

Beem offers software developers the ability to disburse funds directly into subscriber mobile money wallets for mobile networks across Africa. Disburse funds for remittances, cash transfers, salaries and expenses instantly and in real time. Leverage our existing operator integrations out of the box to go to market faster whilst keeping complete visibility and tracking of all transactions.

What can you use Mobile Money Collection for?

Collect and consolidate payments from various channels using Mobile Money.

Collect mobile payments from e-commerce websites and apps

eCom' & Apps

Collect payments from e-commerce enabled websites and apps.
Collect payments in the field using a POS

Field Payments

Collect payments from the field using a Point-of-Sale.

Run contests with two-way sms

Pay-as-You-Go Services

Payment collection for Pay-as-You-Go services.

Mobile Money Collection API fr Fintechs

Fintech Apps

Collect funds deposits for fintech and other financial apps.
Collect membership payments and donations

Donations & Memberships

Collect donation or membership payments.
Collect recurring SaaS payments

SaaS Payments

Collect recurring SaaS and other payments periodically.

What can you use Mobile Money Disbursement for?

Easily disburse funds for any type of payment or cash out transaction.

Micro reward payments using mobile payments

Micro Rewards

Disburse micro rewards to app users.

Remote payments using mobile money payments

Remote Payments

Pay remote employees and suppliers.

Cash out with mobile money and mobile payments

Cash Out

Cash out or balance transfer for fintech apps.

Remote payments using mobile payments

Bulk Payments

Bulk cash transfers or payments from ERP or Payroll apps.

Payment refunds using mobile money payments

Payment Refunds

Disburse customer payments and refunds.

Remittances using mobile money payments


Process remittances directly to mobile wallets.

Key Features

So you can focus on what matters.

Self-service dashboard.
Real-time transaction logs and reports.
Bring Your Own Billpay Number.
Unified REST API with thorough documentation and sample code.
Online Testing Simulator.
Combine into workflows with our airtime, USSD & SMS APIs.

How it Works

5 Simple & Easy Steps

Step 1

Sign up for an account on our unified platform.

Step 2

Billpay number configuration on the Beem platform.

Step 3

Billpay number configuration on each mobile network.

Step 4

Integrate with the Beem Mobile Payments API.

Step 5

Start collecting and disbursing payments.

The Beem Advantage

We understand our customers rely on our services and expect us to deliver scalable and reliable services. Through our experience, market knowledge and domain expertise we constantly strive to solve our customers challenges, whilst remaining economical and competitive.


Platform uptime guarantee of 99.9%.


Robust and Scalable platform processing millions of transactions.

Network Reach

Support for over 150 Mobile Networks across Africa & the World.


Dedicated support team with an Industry Standard SLA.

Flexible Models

No minimum commitment with a pay-as-you-go model.

Tiered Pricing

Competitive tier-based pricing.

Integrate with Our Platform

Ready to incorporate mobile payments into your own platform? Take a look at our comprehensive API documentation and sample code which provide you with detailed instructions and comprehensive tutorials.


$data = file_get_contents(‘php://input’);
$data = json_decode($data, true);


$res= array(‘transaction_id’ => $transaction_id,

$json = json_encode($res);
echo $json;

Start collecting & disbursing funds directly into mobile money wallets across Africa now.