Beem with Superfluid

Driven by Data

Leverage your hidden customer profiles and data to create targeted, data driven, marketing and event based communication across multiple channels.

We live in a Data Driven World

The old era is gone, we now live in a new one.

Customers expect more

It’s the era of personalised experiences

Exponential Growth

The amount of data collected is growing faster than ever before

Make Your Data Work for you.

AI Powered Client Engagement

Introducing Data Driven Marketing & Communication.

Leverage your hidden customer historical and profile data to create data driven, targeted marketing and event driven communication across multiple channels.

Use AI powered Data-driven marketing campaigns to accurately and reliably deliver communications to customers based on customer behaviours across multiple mobile channels.

Personalized Services & Products
Customer Retention
Churn & Dormancy Reduction
Consumer Scoring
Cross-Selling & Uselling
Customer Satisfaction

Achieve more

…with communication from Segmentation
Customer reactivation
User retention
AB testing
Churn risk scoring
Cross-selling campaigns
Upselling campaign
Loan repayment reminders
Product utilisation campaigns
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About Beem

A leading Pan-African cloud communications provider with the largest mobile network reach in Africa. Beem has created an integrated communications & financial services platform with the largest mobile network reach in Africa, empowering businesses to scale quickly and effectively throughout the African continent. To effectively drive commercial growth for customers, the company offers advanced SMS messaging, USSD, Airtime, Chatbot, Mobile Money & Airtime solutions through easy-to-integrate Beem API’s as well as a self-service platform, Beem Engage.

About Superfluid

A pioneering data analytics and artificial intelligence company awarded as the best Data Analytics and Credit Risk Scoring company at the African Tech Summit 2020. Superfluid Labs provides data-driven credit risk scoring, customer analytics, segmentation, and business intelligence solutions for businesses in Africa. The company delivers over 200 standard insights and 100 predictive models for B2C businesses in the Financial Services, Clean Energy, Technology, Agriculture, and Retail/Commerce business verticals powered by the Superfluid Intelligence Platform

Find out how your Enterprise can leverage Big Data to drive growth.